Lifting The Veil of the Red Tent

There’ll be a Red Tent area at Northern Green Gathering in the Derbyshire Dales this month (details below), which Artificial Womb will have a stall at. So far a yon-appreciation workshop and a panel discussion on trans-inclusivity are being planned for the space. Born out of the second-wave feminist movement, Red Tents are deeply rooted... Continue Reading →

The Homeless Period

Sanitary products are, and should be considered, a basic human right. Which is why Dundee-based artist Becca Blackburn is launching a scheme to raise awareness of the lack of provision for those experiencing homelessness. Her idea is to make and sell canvas bags, with all profits going towards sanitary products for rough and insecure sleepers.... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Chella Quint

Chella Quint, the zinester behind Adventures in Menstruating and the comedian behind Comedy in Space! will be visiting Manchester this month. Ana Hine caught up with her over Facebook. Ana: So you’re appearing at the Manchester Science Festival, but also showing your face at the Women in Comedy Festival. How did this come about? Chella:... Continue Reading →

Campaign: Tax-Free Sanitary Products

In the early 2000s former Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo campaigned for VAT on sanitary products to be lowered. As a member of the New Labour Government, Primarolo succeeded and in January 2001 sanitary products had their Value Added Tax (VAT) fixed at 5%.  Recently the issue has been re-discovered, with the ‘Stop taxing periods. Period.’... Continue Reading →

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