Playing With The Challenges Of Disability

Disability Pride Brighton has been running for a few years and last month it went digital with the Disability Pride 2020 Online Festival. Founded by Jenny Skelton after a post calling out her daughter Charlie’s disability-based discrimination went viral, the annual event was condensed into a two-and-a-half-hour livestream, which aired on July 12. This year,... Continue Reading →

Let The Environment And Women Grow!

Poetry and fiction have compared womanhood to nature for centuries; from Rappaccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, to Elizabeth’s Barret Browning’s Aurora Leigh. With no lack of environmental metaphors in feminist art, it’s easy to see why these comparisons are made. On top of the fact that women are often considered central to the cycle of... Continue Reading →

Why Eco-feminism?

It’s not necessarily that women are somehow innately in-tune with nature (though some eco-feminists do argue that’s the case), but that the subjugation of women stems from a similar disengagement in the minds of oppressive and powerful men. When a man is able to view his sister human beings as separate and exploitable, it’s only... Continue Reading →

Should We Eat Meat?

Many feminists over the years have drawn parallels between the animal rights movement & the women’s rights movement - recognising that our bodies have been owned, used and discussed in similar ways - particularly in dairy and poultry farming. Harvesting the unfertilised eggs of hens or the breast milk of cows has a gendered aspect... Continue Reading →

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