Eloise White’s Vulva Art

Content Warning: As the title suggests, this post is full of references to AFAB (assigned female at birth) genitalia. The desire to refer to Eloise White’s ceramic… pieces as ‘vaginas’ is incredibly strong. Yes, they are pieces of fruit with female genitalia growing out of them… but ‘vagina’ is the wrong word. These are ceramic... Continue Reading →

Feminism ≠ Equality

It's true, I’m pretty sick of explaining what feminism is to people. I’m not sick of talking about feminism, far from it, but giving a basic and impromptu justification for its very existence? Yeah, I’m pretty fed-up of doing that. The conversation I’m particularly sick of starts: “Why call it ‘Feminism’, why not ‘Egalitarianism’?” Well,... Continue Reading →

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