I meet Kellie (AKA Birdwoman) in her apartment on a Saturday afternoon. Her newly released album And Then The Day Came (2019) is a folk, bluesy and gypsy rock journey. It brings us deep inside the mind and heart of a songwriter with amazing talent and a huge soul. It’s just us in the living... Continue Reading →

So Which Band Is Your Boyfriend In?

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sometimes we leave conversations about feminism with a bitter taste in our mouths, aware that nothing we said has broken through that wall of misconceptions and shallowness that is so characteristic of our male-dominated society. But not this time. Suzi Harrison’s beautifully crafted documentary “So, Which Band Is Your Boyfriend In?” delivers its... Continue Reading →

Hysteria: Riot Grrl Edition!

This was my third time going to a Hysteria night, and I can safely say the extra tag of riot grrl was well-deserved. The atmosphere of Hysteria is first and foremost a safe one, but with each performer, the safety continued to mingle with a wonderful patriarchy-smashing hardcore. The Homoromantics, the long-anticipated headliner, performed after... Continue Reading →

Florence + The Machine: Captivating

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Sing with us, rage with us,” says Florence Welch sweetly, around halfway into her set at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro on Saturday 17 November. “If you’re here you probably believe and support women,” she adds later, and of course we are. Her audience responds to every swoon and twirl with enthusiasm and delight, especially... Continue Reading →

The Funky Music of Queequeg’s Coffin

“I’ve got the funk, I’ve got the funk yeah... funky music everywhere,” sings Meggan (Meg) Stewart, one half of Queequeg’s Coffin - the electro-funk band who definitely bought the funky music to Book Yer Ane Fest on 30 Nov. “We had an awesome time,” explains Meg. “Jonno says he thought the general vibe of the... Continue Reading →

Book Yer Ane Fest XII Preview

Make That A Take’s annual festival of punk-rock music is nearly upon us (see back cover) and there are so many exciting bands playing it’s hard to pick just a few, but here’s the ones I’m most psyched to check out, plus a film I can’t wait to see! So, Which Band Is Your Boyfriend... Continue Reading →

The Twistettes’ A Strange Play

Stars: ⭐️⭐️ The Twistettes’ second album A Strange Play is not as good as their debut Jilt The Jive two years ago. The problems are there from the first track ‘A Captain’s Kiss’ with the line, “One by one we sing along and one by one we learn that song and one by one we... Continue Reading →

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