Silence = Death

To mark World Aids Day (1 December) The Queer Dot screened an old VHS copy of the documentary ‘Silence = Death’. Made in 1990, the film opens violently as performance artist Emilio Cubeiro apparently shoots himself through his arsehole. From there the tone is set; one of anger, frustration, immense loss, and startling creativity. New... Continue Reading →


Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This audio-visual performance from production company Zoo Co follows three demi-goddesses from Ancient Greece as they try to navigate the sexist world of modern-day Hastings. The principal characters, sirens who have been cursed to lure any man who hears their voices to his death, are an excellent lens through which to view 21st-century... Continue Reading →


Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ A sweet movie, full of laughs and enough poignant moments to bring a tear or two to the eye of a sentimental sap like me. The concept - that storks deliver babies - was explored in many of its modern implications, including the risks posed by airplanes and how home businesses affect parenting,... Continue Reading →


  Theories about human sexual development, gender identity, and the human rights of children have changed drastically in the last fifty years. Sometimes it takes a documentary like Intersexion to clarify just how tragically wrong medical practitioners of the past were. Specifically, the film tells the stories of some of the intersex people who were... Continue Reading →

Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party*

There was a moment in Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party where a woman started crying and when she realised she was crying claimed she didn't know why. In many respects that moment encapsulated a choice throughout the movie to leave the inner lives of the characters open to our interpretation, which left me wondering how much could... Continue Reading →

Refusing to Mock Maude Lebowski

In real life and in the world of fiction, it’s no secret that feminism is incredibly demonized; feminists are deemed as “unjustifiably” angry, illogical, childish, and our appearances are mocked till we appear aesthetically and emotionally cartoon-like. The feminist artist in particular is seen as the wackiest of feminists; her body covered a little too... Continue Reading →

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