Watching A Man Crying at Love & Chaos

In the basement of Alchemy Experiment there’s a film of a man crying. Over the course of 15 painfully slow minutes we watch him, the steady camera focused on the emotions in his eyes and the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallows.  The film, ‘Unfeeling’, is directed by Babar Suleman and stars Omer... Continue Reading →

SQIFF: Birthday Boy, dir. Leo LeBeau

Birthday Boy, directed by Leo LeBeau and screened at this year’s Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF), perfectly captures this feeling of being on the “wrong” side of the gender binary. It follows the character of Alex, a transgender teenager attending an all-girl’s private school, played by Sebastian Emmerson - an out trans man himself.... Continue Reading →

SQIFF 2021: Poetics of the Visual

David Ellington stands in front of a wall. He points to the sky, making a bird with his hands. The overlaid text says, “Two birds shoot and dart as one. Around a far, far tree. He runs the distance. And watches the other. Together.”Here, in his film Liberty, Ellington’s BSL is like a dance. Heart... Continue Reading →

SQIFF 2021: Aspects of the Embodied Self

Content warning: discussion of self-harm and HIV/AIDs “They need to make sense of this nonsense. Together”, says the voiceover of The Devotions, one of several short films shown as part of the Aspects of the Embodied Self event at this year’s SQIFF.  SQIFF, the Scottish Queer International Film Festival, is hosted each autumn at the... Continue Reading →

S/He into Flesh: Skye & Kham Answer Our Questions

Artists Skye Reynolds and Khamlane ‘Kham’ Halsackda discuss their live Zoom performance piece ‘S/He into Flesh’. This conversation is based on questions by Ana Hine. Kham: So the first question is, “What were the circumstances that led to the ‘S/He into Flesh’ online screening with Tramway?” Skye: We arrived at an idea we were delighted... Continue Reading →

Nomadland – Film Review

“I am not homeless, I am houseless,” says Fern in Nomadland, the 2021’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture, adapted from Jessica Bruder’s novel Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century.In a style where the line between fiction and documentary is purposefully blurred, Nomadland explores the lives of people who have chosen the discomfort and... Continue Reading →

“The past dwells within our algorithms”

On International Women’s Day (March 8th), NEoN hosted a screening of Coded Bias, a documentary by Shalini Kantayya. Coded Bias explores the history and dangers, and biases of artificial intelligence (AI). It drives home the point that the reason algorithms are racist or sexist is because of the data that programmers feed them. Cathy O’Neill,... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Survival Tips

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. The holiday invented by greeting card companies often feels like it appears out of nowhere. Here we are struggling to shake off the January blues and suddenly we’re being bombarded with hearts, roses and chocolates. Have we found The One yet? Does it suddenly seem, as Joni Mitchell sings, that “The bed's too big / The frying pan's too wide”? Should we just turn our phones off for the day? Well, here’s some survival tips for those of us who are still trying to navigate the most commercially vacuous of holidays.

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