Festival In A Box

Propositions for Alternative Narratives from Photoworks is a stunning selection of contemporary photography packaged in an appealing and thought-provoking way. Although every piece is of high quality, the work of three women artists in particular stand out: Pixy Liao, Ronan Mckenzie, and Alberta Whittle. Taking inspiration from Dayanita Singh’s portable exhibitions, the show comes in... Continue Reading →

Clay? Chatting With Ceramicists

Human beings have been working with clay for thousands of years; shaping it into figures and using it to make bowls and cups. After attending Potfest ceramic festival at Scone Palace a few months ago, I’ve been increasingly interested in the medium and decided to reach out to some of the vendors whose work I... Continue Reading →

WayWORD Festival: Art is Activism

The WayWORD Festival, a student-led creative arts festival run by the WORD Centre at the University of Aberdeen is without a doubt, summed up with the expression “maximum effort, maximum reward,” in terms of the time and energy it took to get it all together, and the obstacles we overcame. The tagline we chose, “unconventional... Continue Reading →

Playing With The Challenges Of Disability

Disability Pride Brighton has been running for a few years and last month it went digital with the Disability Pride 2020 Online Festival. Founded by Jenny Skelton after a post calling out her daughter Charlie’s disability-based discrimination went viral, the annual event was condensed into a two-and-a-half-hour livestream, which aired on July 12. This year,... Continue Reading →

NEoN 2019, 4 – 10 November

Okay, our editor Ana works for this company, so we're a bit biased, but we really are looking forward to this year’s NEoN digital arts festival. The theme is react and there’s been a much greater emphasis on artwork engaging ideas of protest and social change. In the Weave by Abertay exhibition RE:MAKE/RE:SIST at the... Continue Reading →

Book Yer Ane Fest XII Preview

Make That A Take’s annual festival of punk-rock music is nearly upon us (see back cover) and there are so many exciting bands playing it’s hard to pick just a few, but here’s the ones I’m most psyched to check out, plus a film I can’t wait to see! So, Which Band Is Your Boyfriend... Continue Reading →

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