Tuff Love

Tuff Love, an "aggressively melodic" Glaswegian indie-grunge band, have been generating quite a bit of word-of-mouth hype with their new and debut album Resort. A soft-growing listen — better for the car than packed in with a hundred strangers at a basement club — the sound is reminiscent of the softer parts of The Pixies... Continue Reading →

Maggie Chapman v WEP

Maggie Chapman is the Scottish Green Party's lead candidate for the North East region in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary Elections, and the co-convenor for the SGP nationally.  Ana Hine asked her to respond to the Women's Equality Party's six main policies. (Ana Hine) How can we achieve equal representation for women in politics, business, and... Continue Reading →

Let The Environment And Women Grow!

Poetry and fiction have compared womanhood to nature for centuries; from Rappaccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, to Elizabeth’s Barret Browning’s Aurora Leigh. With no lack of environmental metaphors in feminist art, it’s easy to see why these comparisons are made. On top of the fact that women are often considered central to the cycle of... Continue Reading →

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