Apocalypse, girl: Jenny Hval

This is Norwegian musician Jenny Hval’s fifth album (for two of them she used the moniker Rockettothesky) and her first with an American record label; it is captivating and particularly offers something to the anti-capitalist, feminist listener. The opening track, ‘Kingsize’, is a spoken-word piece that describes a young woman’s failed attempts to seize masculine... Continue Reading →

Why Breastfeeding Matters

I am a breastfeeding counsellor and I have been a breastfeeding mother for the best part of the last seven years. The politics of breastfeeding are central to my feminism: the struggles of breastfeeding women often mirror the oppression of women at other stages in life. Big business is out to exploit us. Formula companies... Continue Reading →

Why Eco-feminism?

It’s not necessarily that women are somehow innately in-tune with nature (though some eco-feminists do argue that’s the case), but that the subjugation of women stems from a similar disengagement in the minds of oppressive and powerful men. When a man is able to view his sister human beings as separate and exploitable, it’s only... Continue Reading →

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