The Domestic Is Political

“Few tasks are more like the torture of Sisyphus than housework, with its endless repetition: the clean becomes soiled, the soiled is made clean, over and over, day after day.” -Simone de Beauvoir, 1949 Our society is built upon the unpaid labour of women. Washing and drying clothes, washing and drying dishes, mopping up spilled... Continue Reading →

How To: Raise Feminist Kids

Talk honestly and simply about the ways in which you make choices about your own body. Allow them to own their own body. I explain to my girls that it is my job as their parent to help them make choices that keep them safe and healthy but that as they get older they will... Continue Reading →

Should We Eat Meat?

Many feminists over the years have drawn parallels between the animal rights movement & the women’s rights movement - recognising that our bodies have been owned, used and discussed in similar ways - particularly in dairy and poultry farming. Harvesting the unfertilised eggs of hens or the breast milk of cows has a gendered aspect... Continue Reading →

So Far From Whole: Catherine Elms

A singer-songwriter and pianist, Catherine Elms’ music is dark, emotional and lyrically-minded. ‘So Far From Whole’, her second EP, was successfully funded through Kickstarter in August this year (with the campaign raising more than £300 towards production & distribution).  Buy the EP now for just £4 at Words: Ana Hine Image: Catherine Elms  ... Continue Reading →

On The Inside: Wildflowers

Vegan sisters Siddy and Kit Bennett provide much of the emotional strength behind Wildflowers. Now, alongside a few token guys (James Ashbury & Kendal Sant), they’re releasing their debut album ‘On The Inside’. The romanticising lyricism and folky-pop Americana featured is a blend of Dixie Chicks, Gillian Welch, Sarah Jarosz & Alison Krauss - with... Continue Reading →

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