Playing With The Challenges Of Disability

Disability Pride Brighton has been running for a few years and last month it went digital with the Disability Pride 2020 Online Festival. Founded by Jenny Skelton after a post calling out her daughter Charlie’s disability-based discrimination went viral, the annual event was condensed into a two-and-a-half-hour livestream, which aired on July 12. This year,... Continue Reading →

A Quest That’s Just Begun

A Quest That’s Just Begun takes its title from a line in Nina Simone’s song ‘To Be Young, Gifted and Black’ which goes: “This is a quest that’s just begun / When you feel really low / Yeah, there’s a great truth you should know / When you’re young, gifted and black / Your soul’s... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift’s Folklore

“And just like a folksong our love will be passed on,” sings Taylor Swift on the song ‘seven’ on her new album Folklore. This is an album of love stories, but not necessarily Swift’s. There’s a rumour that some of the tracks tell the tale of a doomed teenage love affair. It’s certainly a confusing... Continue Reading →

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