GAG Radical Art School Launch Event

Within the walls of On The Corner (one of many self-funded community arts spaces springing up around Glasgow) GAG radical art school held its launch event on 27 August. While there were frantic, urgent ravings from scene regulars such as Futurology, Adam V. Cheshire, and Loki, the highlight of the evening was the exhibition put... Continue Reading →

DJCAD Masters Show 2016: Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly was one artist exhibiting work as part of the Masters Show at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design from 19 – 28 August in Dundee, Scotland. In text around the exhibition space she refers to the work as a “critique”, specifically of “the commercial pressure for maintaining an appearance of perfection... Continue Reading →

The Zinester’s Safe Space

From riot grrrl activism to Black Lives Matter discourse, zines exist as a place to vent progressive and sometimes anarchistic thoughts and desires away from the critique of mainstream media. They are safe spaces, if you will. After creating my own zine, Cyberrriot, it began to hit me that zine making was sometimes my safe... Continue Reading →

Gay Bars & Safe Spaces

Lately, you might have come across the term ‘safe space’ in connection with an online group or a community organisation. The idea is to explicitly and consciously provide a place where marginalised people can find refuge or respite, away from the hostility of the outside world. Gay bars are an example of safe spaces. No-one... Continue Reading →

Grace Petrie: Whatever’s Left

Whatever’s Left by Leicester-based protest-singer Grace Petrie and her band The Benefits Culture is an album to pop into the CD player as you drive to yet another anti-cuts protest. Almost five years after releasing her album Mark My Words – criticising the coalition government and their brutal response to the London Riots in the... Continue Reading →

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