My mother told me, “Never shave the hairs on your legs,” when those hairs were the faintest fur of my girlhood. “More will grow back, and darker too,” she warned me. She knew, she’d been there, and she was annoyingly accurate. More parts of me have started to resemble parts of her. Even if I... Continue Reading →

Freak Circus #3: Shame

The physical off-shoot of The Poetry Circus events, this journal contains a selection of pieces on the theme of ‘shame’. There’s a bunch of pieces about affairs, one-night-stands & the supernatural, but the stand-out is a short story called ‘Reflections: Organic or Not - It isn’t right’ by someone using the (pseudo)name Kathleen Mansfield. The... Continue Reading →

Team Girl Comics #12

Now an annual occurrence, the new issue of Team Girl Comics is released this month. Edited by Gill Hatcher, there’s work by many exciting emerging female comic creators within its pages - including Artificial Womb regulars Shona Heaney and Rebecca Ollerton.  Some highlights are a piece about Victorian cartoonist and actress Marie Duval, that attempts... Continue Reading →

Games for Girls: Theresa Duncan

Even before Gamergate there were games made for girls, by women, without much thought or reference to the things boys typically like. Theresa Duncan made three such games –Chop Suey, Smarty & Zero Zero – in the mid-90s, and this month the games will be available to play at the DCA in Dundee. The games... Continue Reading →

Refusing to Mock Maude Lebowski

In real life and in the world of fiction, it’s no secret that feminism is incredibly demonized; feminists are deemed as “unjustifiably” angry, illogical, childish, and our appearances are mocked till we appear aesthetically and emotionally cartoon-like. The feminist artist in particular is seen as the wackiest of feminists; her body covered a little too... Continue Reading →

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