Mammoth Penguins: Hide And Seek

Mammoth Penguins debut album Hide and Seek is very cool. Far from simply trying to recapture any old Indie magic, the band – led by former Standard Fare bassist Emma Kupa – have allowed themselves to make fun, interesting music whilst also exploring the trappings of being a slightly neurotic and beleaguered twenty-eight year-old. This... Continue Reading →

Sekai Machache: Entanglement

Glaswegian artist Sekai Machache’s current series of work, entitled ‘Entanglement’, looks at the relationship between hair and black female identity across the African Diaspora, particularly Sekai Machache: Entanglement through the tradition of braiding and the natural hair movement. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Machache utilises a wide range of media and materials - including synthetic hair... Continue Reading →

Mothers Are People Too

Mothers are people too. We get shat on a lot, literally. We’re the last to eat and the first to blame. We are paid in kisses and freshly plucked daisies. Mother’s Day cards would convince us that what we do is priceless, selfless. We have been put on a pedestal so high that we can’t... Continue Reading →

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